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Kendrick Dial


The Lyrical Groove

Kendrick Dial & The Lyrical Groove
Kendrick Dial & The Lyrical Groove
Kendrick Dial & The Lyrical Groove
Kendrick Dial & The Lyrical Groove


Kendrick Dial & The Lyrical Groove is an award-winning band that combines spoken the word and live instrumentation, cohesively crafted to inspire and entertains. Blending a musical style that balances elements of Spoken-Word, Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, R&B, Gospel and Soul, The Lyrical Groove (LG) infuses a potent message with social consciousness and a spiritual awareness that sings to your humanity and moves your soul. In 2014, LG won the San Diego Music Award for Best Hip Hop & Soul Artist Album and 2013 they won a S.D.M.A. for Best Hip Hop & Soul artist.


The Lyrical Groove was formed under the motivation of spoken word artist, Kendrick Dial, to have live music accompany his poetry performance and it turned into so much more. The pursuit of collaboration then began with Louisiana born friend and drummer, Glenn “GK” Sanders and Memphis native keyboardist, Mike Smith. The group officially formed in November 2010, after a gig at the Ruby Room in San Diego, CA, after an overwhelming, affirming crowd response cemented in the group’s minds what their hearts were warming up to.


 In July 2011, Bay area guitarist, Mike “Token” Benedetto joined, followed by Jacob Miranda on bass and their talented vocalist, Brisa Lauren in 2012.


In February of 2016, Lyric Groove made another exciting step in their successful music journey by partnering & signing to TMG Records, a division of The Muzic Group. This partnership will provide (LG) the "WORLDWIDE" platform & exposure, which is in great demand. This awesome unity will be wonderfully penned in the next chapter of the historic musical living book of "Lyrical Groove".


Single: "Wake Up" 

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Strong Woman by Kendrick Dial & The Lyric Groove
Wake Up by Kendrick Dial & The Lyric Groove
Spoken Soul: Music For Life by Lyrical Groove

Debut Album:

"Spoken Soul: Music For Life" 

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