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The Muzic Group is not just a music company with records labels, yet rather a music group with focused, dedicated labels with a strong arsenal of tools and industry relationships.

These “arsenal of tools” which The Muzic Group has built

is a very strong platform for our labeled artists.


It is our belief at The Muzic Group that both the artist 

and the label should have a WIN-WIN relationship.

We consider a WIN-WIN relationship is one where both parties’ dealings are of integrity, respect and support for one another, while also both maintaining a full understanding of the

Label-Artist relationship on The Muzic Group’s platform.


The Muzic Group is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada,

the (Mecca of Entertainment), we are the executive managing music company for our branded genre

music labels, which provide services as:

Global Digital Distribution | Music Publishing

Radio Play & Pitch Campaigns | Marketing & Promotion Event Touring | Artist Management.

TMG Records
ADON Records
Wol'Flower Records
WRLD Records
Zi'en Records
Layback Records
J. Fitzgerald Agency

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Music Credit: DJ POUN, Producer

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