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Prion Haiyle

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I know you may have already asked yourself, “Who is Prion?”


Well, for this dynamic Singer/Songwriter/Producer based out of Los Angeles, Ca, the answers to that question are both simple and complex beyond explanation. When approached with the question, Prion himself says with a distant smirk, “Who I am is irrelevant. It is what I am that should concern you?” That is the quick answer to a question that can only be truly addressed by listening to his music.


Carlos Hudgins, former Director, Creative Urban for EMI Music Publishing is quoted saying about him, “I truly believe that Prion is what today's music is missing. He is a creative powerhouse that has only scratched the surface of what he can achieve musically.”


An unlikely mix of musical ideas will be on display no matter how you decide to check him out. The combination seamlessly comes together to form a sound whose influences range from sources as eclectic as Bob Dylan to De La Soul to Sixpence None the Richer.


Prion was born in Compton, Ca., place more bastardized for its gang violence in the early 80's and 90's, than celebrated for the musical genius that has developed within its boarders. The eldest of four brothers, he leaned on music to give him the strength to overcome the multitude of challenges he faced as a youth. “Gangs, drugs, crime, and women.


They were all options for me. For some reason though, in my case, music super ceded them.” says Prion, “You know, I never really fit in, but the Aquarian in me never minded much. Prion had to make a choice between a scholarship to Berklee College of Music or a deal on Warner Music Group. He chose the latter. During that time he worked on an album with legends like Babyface, Teddy Riley and others. That deal ended, but he never gave up and continued to find the truth in his art.


By his own account As you listen to his music now, it is easy to assume he has found his TRUTH! 



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Album: Enter The Polymath
Single: Favorite Kind of Pain
Single: Kill Yourself
SINGLE: Favorite Kind Of Pain
SINGLE: Kill Yourself


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