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Lauren Denise Byrd 

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Lauren Denise Byrd

Lauren Denise Byrd was born and reared in Oakland, California. Lauren began singing at the age of 3 and began to play the piano at the age of 5. As the years passed her passion for music expanded into arranging and songwriting, later recording her first group project in 2007.


She has since been singing at her resident church and campaigning her gifts throughout the Bay Area and abroad with her sisters, known as “The Byrd Sisters” for over the past 15 years.


Lauren continuously gives back to the Bay Area community through her musical gifts. A graduate with a degree in Music (and Social Science), she has been the Clinician for choir workshops. Lauren fulfills her time in exploring various instruments (including bass, flute, drums, and the acoustic guitar) and studio production.


Presently, Lauren’s has had the opportunity to grace the same platforms with many local and national artists such as Kierra Sheard, Mary Mary and Mali Music.


It is now her time under the sun to present her album. Minstr'El Music Records, a subsidiary of

The Muzic Group will be unleashing Lauren's album “Love U 2 Life #REBOOT”.


This most anticipated album is nothing short of a ‘SOLID’ Green Light! Anyone who has ever heard Lauren knows that her Contemporary Gospel sound dances with the melodies that shadow R&B and just flows with the organic taste of Neo-Soul. Lauren's vocal destiny is set before her on a Worldwide Platform to call her own.



Album: "Love U 2 Life: REBOOT" 

Single: "My Strength & My Redeemer" 

Single: "Right There" 

Now All Available for Purchase & Streaming on




other download & streaming online-stores worldwide 

Single: "HEART CRY" 

My Strenth & My Redeember by Lauren Denise Byrd
Right There by Lauren Denise Byrd

Single: "LAYERS" 

LAYERS by Lauren Denise Byrd

Album: "Love You 2 Life" 

Love You 2 Life by Lauren Denise Byrd
Love U 2 Life: REBOOT by Lauren Denise Bryd
Heart Cry by Lauren Denise Byrd

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