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Devinci Ellis was born on Christmas Eve, also best known as DEVINCI an R&B | Neo-Soul singer& songwriter. He grew up in the small town of Sorrento, Florida then later moved to Mount Dora, Florida with his family where his love of music and singing began to blossom.


By the age of 17, DEVINCI knew that he wanted to pursue his gift of singing. His desires were highly supported by his family, especially his mother, who helped fuel him with her encouragement.


DEVINCI over time progressed with his music and writing. After a while, others began taking notice of his skills & requests throughout Florida flooded his email. The requests to join groups and to be a part of collaborations on tracks were in abundant demand. After the failure of two group collaborations that did not produce a successful turnout, DEVINCI took it as confirmation to do music of his own as a solo artist.


Just a few years later, DEVINCI‘s musical forte was unveiled to label executive JO’EL. DEVINCI soon was signed to the BLOC BOY Records label and has relocated to Atlanta, GA and is on a fast track with the release of his sophomore album.


DEVINCI looks forward to sharing his exceptional talent and love for music with the entire world. 



New Single

"Back At It Again"



Album: "This is Me" 

Single: Still Holding On" 

Single: "Know About Me" 

Now All Available for Purchase & Streaming on





and other download & streaming online-stores worldwide 

Single: "Cheating On You" 

Single: "Your Body" 

Single: "Back In My Life" 

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